- BEAUTY | JUNE 12, 2020 -



As we all know by now, I have very fair skin and this has meant I’ve struggled for years to come across a bronzer which isn’t too orange or too dark - to the point I never used to wear one! However, with the makeup industry ever expanding, this has become less of a problem. Even then, I’ve struggled to find the perfect product for me. Despite having combination skin, I’ve got dry patches on my cheeks, and this means a lot of powder bronzers latch onto these sections and make my skin look worse than it is - even dirty! So I generally stick to cream products when possible. When I saw that Fenty Beauty, who are renowned for changing the game with inclusive shade ranges, were launching cream bronzers, I immediately hunted to see whether one would suit me, and, just in line with Fenty’s reliability, there was.


The shade I picked up is called Butta Biscuit and it is the lightest of the ‘warm’ shades in the collection so far. The lightest shade is called Amber, and this has a very cool tone to it, so it is more suited as a contour than a bronzer. Butta Biscuit has a neutral to warm undertone to it but definitely isn’t orange. 

The formula applies exceptionally sheerly on the skin, meaning it is quite difficult to go overboard with this product. The intensity can be built up in layers easily, but if you are fair skinned like me and just want a light wash of warmth which is complimentary and flattering, I’d really recommend this product. However, the first day I tried this bronzer no texture on my cheeks was made more visible, but on the second day it made my texture look awful! I wasn’t sure whether or not I didn’t leave enough time to allow my foundation and concealer to settle a bit before applying the bronzer and so it caused the bronzer to slide the coverage about, so I tried it the next day after giving my foundation and concealer about 5 minutes to settle into my skin. This worked a treat, so if you’re like me and you have texture on your cheeks, I’ve advise giving your base products a couple of minutes to set before applying the bronzer. The Cheeks Out bronzers will not provide you with coverage, so if coverage is important to you make sure you’re doing everything you can not to disturb the foundation and concealer underneath. 

The colour seemed to get darker about 10 minutes after application, which I believe is caused by the bronzer having some time to settle onto the skin. Despite this, I thought the colour still looked really lovely and natural, so don't worry about it! It's just something I noticed. It also lasted well throughout the day. If you want to ensure it's longevity on the skin, you might want to ever so lightly set it with a powder bronzer. 


I applied the Cheeks Out bronzer with the new Fenty Beauty 125 Face Shaping brush, which is a flexible kabuki-style angled brush. It allows me to tap and press the bronzer across my cheeks seamlessly and without disturbing the coverage created by the foundation and concealer too much. 


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