- BEAUTY | DECEMBER 1, 2019 -


Winter is the perfect time to experiment with lots of different makeup products as the absence of hot weather stops the desire to wipe it all off an hour after applying it! For years, I consistently stuck to wearing cool-tone eyeshadows only, but when I became more confident in my skills and feeling comfortable wearing warmer and brighter colours, I found that I no longer liked what true cool-tone shades looked like on myself, as I thought they made me look tired, less lively and even slightly unwell. However, I missed the taupes, mauves and rosy tones. So, when I found out how to create a 'cool-toned' look while retaining elements of warmth and youthfulness, I was ecstatic! The key is to mix the tones. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills WARM TAUPE single eyeshadow

Described by ABH as a warm soft brown, this shade definitely has strong grey undertones in it, but, like the description suggests, it has a beautiful element of warmth, allowing the start of the look to have that key balance of warmth and coolness to create the perfect winter rosy eye look. I took this shade on a MAC 217 fluffy blending brush and buffed it into my crease, outer corner and under my bottom lash line. It is essential with Anastasia eyeshadows that you use an extremely light hand as they are very sensitive and pigmented - you can always add more! The less you have on your brush at any one time, the easier it is to blend.

Makeup Geek FRAPPE single eyeshadow

Frappe is possible one of the most unique eyeshadows on the market - I haven't come across another colour like it. It is a stunning warm brown with strong pinky-red-mauve undertones, creating such a natural rosiness to the eye. It also has a demi-matte finish, which means that it has the teeniest tiniest flecks of shimmer in it, which doesn't show up on the eye. The tiny bit of shimmer adds a bit of oil into the matte eyeshadow to increase its ease to blend and also stops the eyeshadow from looking too powdery and dusty. It's stunning and it will forever be a staple in my collection. I blended Frappe with the same MAC 217 brush all over my eyelid, and once applied I buffed the shade up into the crease. I also applied Frappe under my bottom lash line on top of Warm Taupe. Take your time with blending, as the more you blend, the better it will look - and it will just keep on getting better (just be careful not to drag it out too wide! We all do it at times!).

Makeup Geek GRANDSTAND single eyeshadow

Described as a medium coppery brown with a foiled finish, I find this to be such a bland colour description to what is such a multi-dimensional shade! (Sorry Makeup Geek, I do love you!). Grandstand is a stunning shade, and it changes dramatically depending on what shadows you use it with. It can morph into a rose-gold, a light copper, a peachy pink, a mauvy gold and sometimes you can see flecks of silver – it is so dynamic! In this instance it’s a warm mauve with flecks of silver and gold – and it is probably one of the most popular single eyeshadows on the market. With my finger I placed Grandstand on my eyelid, excluding the outer corner. After I achieved the level of pigmentation I wanted, I took the same MAC 217 brush and very carefully softened the edges of Grandstand into the Frappe and Warm Taupe mix to create a diffused and seamless look. 

Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA mascara (in 'excessive brown')

My favourite mascara (and brand of mascara) on the planet - I really want to find another one, so leave your favourite in the comment section below so I can give it a try! 


Charlotte Tilbury VERY VICTORIA matte revolution lipstick

When I found out Charlotte Tilbury had a lipstick with my name included, I had to get it - I'm not ashamed to admit it haha! Luckily, I also LOVE the shade so much. The lipstick bullet itself looks like a taupe-mauve, but it translates as a beautiful rose with subtle brown undertones (which sounds weird, but it works so well!). Charlotte Tilbury's matte lipsticks are one of a few that I really enjoy using, as it provides a gorgeous tint to my lips, but doesn't dry them out or make them look badly textured! 


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