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Nude is probably most people’s go-to makeup preference, and it isn’t hard to see why. The simplicity of neutral tones allows natural beauty to be enhanced with an effortless feel (even though, let’s face it, we all know no-makeup makeup can take forever to apply!). However, finding amazing nude makeup products actually isn’t quite as easy as you’d initially think it would be. Products can be too warm or too grey, too purple or too pink, and what is nude for you will completely depend on your skin tone and preferences. For me, because I am so pale and colour undertones always stand out on my skin, I’ve learnt to (and have almost had to) embrace subtle colour when creating a nude makeup look, and it actually makes me look more bright and lively! 


In saying all that, I’m going to go through my list (which, admittedly is fairly extensive) of the nude makeup products that I’m loving at the moment. Even though we all come in different shades and tones, I really hope that I’ve provided some picks that will catch your eye and inspire you to have a play with some new products! 






Firstly, let’s talk about my most recent ‘nude makeup’ purchase, which is the Huda Beauty Nude Medium eyeshadow palette. I have to admit, even though I do really love the colour scheme of this palette, I actually bought it to see whether or not the quality of the shadows are top notch considering it’s only £27! And it didn’t disappoint. I was expecting the metallic eyeshadows to have super thin formula just like how they are in her Lilac Obsessions palette, but nope…they are so creamy! Plus, they have a gorgeous reflect. For me, personally, the colours in this palette will pull more warm on my skin tone, but I really don’t mind, and if you’re deeper, the tones will look more nude against your complexion. On a final note, I love how there is a combination of tones, from gold, to copper, to pink, to neutral and even a purply brown metallic. Considering it only has 9 shades, the versatility of this palette is outstanding.




The Jaclyn Cosmetics Mood Light illuminating face powders are STUNNING, and I’m so annoyed for anyone who doesn’t own one in their shade, since they are currently unavailable due to them being a part of the brand’s 2019 Holiday (Christmas, for the Brits) Collection. BUT, Jaclyn herself overtly hinted that they're planning more colours in the formula, so it’s definitely going to make a return! I honestly can’t see them not bringing this formula back to the market and making it a permanent product in their line - it’s SO good. 


This powder has got the finest of finest of shimmer that you can dust all over your face with a fluffy brush, AND build up on your cheekbones with a denser brush to create a more intense, but still natural, highlight. It has a creamy texture that allows your skin to look smooth, glowy and healthy. I was really tentative the first time I tried to build the powder up for a high shine on my cheekbone, because, truthfully, I thought it would look a powdery, cakey mess, but I couldn’t have been more pleased. If you love a gentle highlight - one that's definitely there, but looks natural - this is the product for you. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s worth the price - the product itself is incredible and the packaging quality is fantastic…plus, it comes in a variety of shades, what’s not to like?!

Huda Beauty 'Nude Medium' Palette

Image from Cult Beauty




For everyone who has got a fair to light to light/medium complexion, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow is like a cult classic. It’s loved by models and celebrities, and it’s really not hard to see why. The tone of the Scuplt shade is a perfect blend of warmth with a subtle taupe undertone which means that even on fair skin, this doesn’t look orange, and on light to light-medium complexions it doesn’t look grey or chalky. The formula is super fine and soft, and it builds up nicely too. Since the powder also has the finest of shimmer, it allows the product to blend easily and sit comfortably and seamlessly on the skin too. The Highlight is a light golden tone that works on fair skin, which is actually really surprising! Normally yellow-based highlighters look really golden and obvious on my skin, so it’s nice having this option for when I want to wear bronzy or golden eye makeup. What I also love about this duo is that I can also quickly put it on my eyes as well if I want to keep my makeup super simple and get it done quickly too!

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Image from Cult Beauty




If you’re someone who really struggles to find eyeshadow colours that you really like and you fall into the category of only feeling comfortable with very neutral tones, the Natasha Denona ‘Nude’ Top Coat could be your new favourite product. Unsurprisingly, given it's name, it’s a good ol’ classic nude! While the base has some warmth to it, it isn’t enough to make it look orange-toned, especially since the glittery reflect is a muted rosy-silver. The base tone coupled with the tone of the reflect makes the overall shade look very neutral but extremely flattering and pretty. Initially, when you look into the pot, it does look quite dull, but once it’s swatched and/or on your eyes, it has a lovely gentle glittery metallic reflect that’s almost wet looking. It’s a beauty. 

Natasha Denona 'Nude' Chrome Crystal Top Coat

Image from Cult Beauty




If you would prefer something brighter, warmer and with even more sparkle, the Nars Powerchrome Loose Pigment in the colour Slam is a great option. What’s so nice about this product is that you can easily wear it at full opacity across the lid or lightly to give a gorgeous but more gentle glittery sheen. There are a few colour options in this formula, but currently I only own Slam, which has a medium rose-gold brown base and a bright golden reflect. It’s a perfect eyeshadow to make nude makeup more fun and youthful and I wear it all the time - it’s definitely going to be a staple in my collection for years. 




Generally speaking, when I think of nude makeup I automatically correspond it with natural makeup. The Pillow Talk Luxury Palette by Charlotte Tilbury is such an easy product to use. By giving you limited options through having one lighter matte shade and a darker matte shade, one sparkle shade and one brow bone/highlight shade, you can get your eyeshadow done quickly with no fuss whatsoever…and it’ll look effortlessly beautiful too. The matte shades are blendable and not too pigmented, but easily buildable as well. I love how the sparkle shade has an exceptionally fine formula, as it allows you to have a sheen across the lid that doesn’t look intense. I can’t get enough of how natural this product is, and I wear it regularly, especially on days I just want to use a product that I know will work. 




As it’s a satin formula, the Nars Highlighting Powders are perfect for people who love natural, effortless, seamless makeup…who want their products to have an effect, but to not look obviously placed. I particularly love wearing these highlighters using a fluffy brush, such as the 137S Long Blending brush by MAC as I can easily apply the product and allow it to look blended on the skin without actually trying. For nude makeup, my favourite colour is Capri, which is a pink-to-nude highlighter with a bright reflect. I’m yet to try the shade Fort de France, which a light nude tone and one that I believe a lot of people who have light-to-medium complexions will prefer and love based on reviews I’ve seen. 

Nars 'Slam' Powerchrome Eye Pigment

Image from Nars Cosmetics

Nars 'Capri' Highlighting Powder

Image from Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' Luxury Palette

Image from Cult Beauty



I thought that it would work best if I presented my favourite nude lip liners and lipsticks in a shorter, more list-like format, rather than doing into extreme detail as to why I love each and every one! No doubt, I will waffle on haha - what can I say, I love blogging. Let’s start with lip liners…


Firstly, let’s talk about my favourite nude lip liner of all time: Bare by Kylie Cosmetics. I hope that this liner will eventually become available as a single, as currently you can only buy it as a part of a lip kit with a corresponding liquid lipstick (which is actually lovely, by the way). It’s a pink nude with a neutral beige undertone, which I LOVE because it doesn’t look warm against my complexion. It’s my perfect, everyday nude. Chef’s kiss. If you can’t get hold of Kylie Cosmetics, a close dupe is Love Trap by Charlotte Tilbury.

Kylie Cosmetics 'Bare' Velvet Lip Kit

Image from Kylie Cosmetics

Charlotte Tilbury 'Love Trap'' Lip Cheat

Image from Cult Beauty

My second favourite nude liner has to be Iconic Nude by Charlotte Tilbury. It’s kind of similar to Bare in the sense it has a more neutral to pink to brown tone, but it has more brown in it and is slightly darker. 


Since my top two liners both have elements of cooler-tones, I have to say what my favourite warmer tone liner is, which is Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury. Everyone’s going to say “wait, Pillow Talk isn’t WARM”, which is true, but it’s definitely warmer than Bare and Iconic Nude and doesn’t have that obvious beige or brown tone to it. What I love about Pillow Talk is that it can be paired with ANY nude lipstick, warm or cool, as it’s a beautiful neutral your-lips-but-better shade. It’s a classic, and should be present in everyone's collection as it’s just so versatile. 


An even warmer nude, also by Charlotte Tilbury, is Pink Venus, which I personally like to wear in the Spring and Summer as it has an almost muted coral tone to it. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Iconic Nude' Lip Cheat

Image from Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk'' Lip Cheat

Image from Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pink Venus'' Lip Cheat

Image from Cult Beauty

Going on to lipsticks, I prefer lighter nudes, and my current go-to’s are Honeylove by MAC or Penelope Pink by Charlotte Tilbury, depending on whether I want to wear a matte or cream formula. Honeylove (matte) and Penelope Pink (cream) are very similar in colour, both being a light neutral nude with pink undertones. Contrary to the following pictures, Honeylove is definitely more pink and neutral than Penelope Pink (ironically) which has more warmth, so which one you prefer will depend on your undertone - I, for one, have a neutral undertone, which makes being selective about colour choices harder haha.

MAC 'Honeylove' Matte Lipstick

Image from MAC

Charlotte Tilbury 'Penelope Pink'' K.I.S.SI.N.G lipstick

Image from Cult Beauty

For more matte nudes, August and Nova by Kylie Cosmetics are great options, with August having a pink tone, and Nova being August’s warmer sister. It’s really important to remember that by pairing lipsticks with different liners, you can manipulate the colour to get a shade that is perfect for you - just in case you find yourself with a lipstick that is too light for your complexion! The Kylie Cosmetics matte traditional style lipsticks have a fine yet extremely pigmented formula.

Kylie Cosmetics 'August' Matte Lipstick

Image from Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics 'Nova' Matte Lipstick

Image from Kylie Cosmetics

As well as loving the Pillow Talk lipstick, I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Very Victoria (it would be disappointing if you hated the shade your name is on haha). Very Victoria looks VERY brown in the tube, but it comes off (at least on me) as a natural rose with a mauve brown undertone, and I wear it constantly throughout the winter months. For a warmer matte lipstick, Super Cindy is a great option and pairs beautifully with Charlotte’s liners in Love Trap and Pillow Talk too. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk'

Image from Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury 'Very Victoria'

Image from Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury 'Super Cindy'

Image from Cult Beauty

Another loved matte lipstick formula of mine are the Power Bullet lipsticks from Huda Beauty, and I’m currently loving the colours Anniversary (which is similar to Honeylove and Penelope Pink), Joy Ride (which is similar to Very Victoria) and Girls Trip, which is a really cute everyday nudey pink. 

Huda Beauty 'Anniversary'

Image from Cult Beauty

Huda Beauty 'Joy Ride'

Image from Cult Beauty

Huda Beauty 'Girls Trip'

Image from Cult Beauty

Lastly, but certainly not least, I'm going to talk about Bitch Perfect, which is a gorgeous pinky nude from Charlotte Tilbury that is a staple in a lot of people’s collections. It has a cream formula and will pretty much go with any nude-to-warm-neutral eye makeup look. I'm actually really surprised that I only just picked this shade up last month, since it's been available for years AND it's right up my street. For me, it was just one of those products that was always on my list of 'What To Purchase Next' and I just kept putting it off. I'm so glad I've got it now and I know I'm going to use it a lot.

I really hope you've found this blogpost interesting! Now that you've gone through my top picks for nude makeup, I'd really like to know what your favourites are too, or whether any are the same as mine.

As always, if you have any ideas on what blogposts you'd like to see, send me a direct message or pop it in the comment section below.

Love, T x

Charlotte Tilbury 'Bitch Perfect' K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick

Image from Cult Beauty


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