- BEAUTY | OCTOBER 11, 2019 -


Day to day, I am a neutral eyeshadow girl through-and-through and even though my comfort zone is sticking to varying shades and tones of brown, I'm starting to introduce a bit of colour into my everyday looks which I feel so confident wearing! Since I have blue-green eyes, I find that oranges, peaches and pinks work best for me, and so those are the pops of colour I tend to stick to.


This eyeshadow look will be notoriously recognised by makeup lovers as being inspired by Kylie Jenner's Vogue tutorial. While Kylie dragged this gorgeously vibrant orange shade under her eyes as well, I opted just to put in on my lid to keep it more wearable for the everyday person. In ode to Kylie, I've decided to use (nearly) all Kylie Cosmetics products for this look.



This eyeshadow palette is full of all the basic shades anyone would want to have. I used two matte shades from this palette. Firstly, I used 'Topaz' (a taupe) and 'Tigers Eye' (a warm golden-orange brown) and buffed these two shades into my crease, outer corner and under my bottom lash line until it was seamlessly blended. I used an old MAC 217 brush (the newer ones are different for some odd reason! But any fluffy blending brush will do).

Kylie Cosmetics PEACH EXTENDED

Next I swapped to the Peach Extended palette, which has the same layout as the Bronze Extended but, as the name implies, these shades are full of peachy shades which I love! I took the shade 'Peach Please' on my finger and put this all over my lid (minus the outer corner). I'd advise you put this shade on in small amounts and build it up in layers, as it is very glittery and has a tendency to fall a tiny bit onto your cheeks. Without fail, I ALWAYS have at least one person compliment me on this eyeshadow colour every time I wear it - so I recommend it to everybody regularly!

Kylie Cosmetics JUICY single eyeshadow

Even though the Peach Extended palette has an orange shade called 'Juicy' in it, for some reason the single eyeshadow version of it is richer and more vibrant in colour?! I'm not entirely sure why, but an idea I've got is that Kylie intended the Peach Extended 'Juicy' to be more peach rather than orange, which would make sense - it is still very orange, but since I have the single version and I really like a pop of colour, I decided to use that instead! I used a MAC 219 pencil brush and packed the colour onto the inner portion of my lid to blend in with the 'Peach Please' shade.

Disclaimer: The reason I used these particular eyeshadow products is because these are the ones I happen to own. If you do not own these products, the best palette to get to achieve this look (or a very similar one) is the 'Summer Palette' by Kylie Cosmetics. This is the one she used in her Vogue tutorial, however I find that the shades I've used suit my skin tone and eye colour better as they're softer, but it's down to your preference! I also bought these products before I fully understood the impact of transportation by air on climate change, and I'm now more cautious of where I buy from and the regularity of my purchases from abroad. It's important we still have fun in life, but it's also important to make responsible choices. 

Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA mascara

With a heavier or more dramatic eyeshadow look, I always pile on the mascara with it, and this mascara is perfect. I use the colour brown as I prefer to keep to a warmer vibe, rather than black which can look quite severe and harsh. 


Kylie Cosmetics NOVA matte lipstick

Kylie's lipsticks are some of my favourite on the market, especially her traditional-style bullet ones, both in the matte and cream formula. Nova is a gorgeous warm nude shade, which I tapped all over my lips to create a natural tint which compliments this eyeshadow look perfectly without going overboard with the makeup!


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