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Smoothie bowls used to be all over Instagram a couple of years ago, but have unfortunately become less and less talked about recently, which we can't let happen! Particularly during the summer months, I am addicted to the freshness and yumminess of a smoothie bowl, full of delicious fruits, nuts and seeds, which are packed full of nutrients. Even though you might think that more fruit is better for you, we all need to be careful not to have too much and be aware of the sugar content! I've said this before, but our pancreas treats natural sugars and refined sugar exactly the same, and eating too much fruit in one go isn't healthy for our body (especially in a smoothie form, since the 'digesting' process has already happened thanks to the blender and therefore goes through our bodies and to our pancreas more quickly, potentially giving us a sugar rush). So just be careful! I'm going to give you all the correct proportions of ingredients, so your smoothie bowl will have the correct amounts of nutrients and energy in them, and so you won't go overboard will the sugar and/or calories (since nuts and seeds are so calorific!). Of course, you can also adapt this recipe to make it dairy free and nut free if necessary! I've included proportions for the blueberry version in step 6!


1 banana

5 strawberries

4 spoonfuls of yoghurt

(my favourite in soya)

300ml milk

(my favourite is oat)

10g oats

10g puffed rice

10 spelt flakes

5 cashew nuts

5 almonds

2 Brazil nuts



Cut the banana into 4 equal sized pieces and put 3 of the pieces and 4 of the strawberries (obviously, without the green stalk and leaves!) into a blender. The remaining fruit will be put on top at the end!


Put the yoghurt into the blender and pour the milk over the top of the yoghurt and fruit. Put the lid on the blender (we all forget once in our life!) and blitz for about 10 seconds. Do not do this in a nutribullet or a juicer, as you want to keep as much fibre as possible to support your digestive system.


Pour the smoothie into a bowl, but make sure it's not too full as you're going to be adding the remaining fruit, as well as the nuts and seeds.


Put the oats, puffed rice and spelt flakes on top of the smoothie and mix them in. This will give them time to soften before you eat.


Chop up the remaining strawberry and quarter of banana however you want and place them on top.


Finally, put the nuts on top as well. You can choose to either leave them whole or chop them up as well! This recipe is very much an "adapt to whatever you like" kind of recipe. Add what you'd prefer and take out what you really don't fancy. You can also make this recipe with blueberries - instead of putting strawberries in the blender, replace them with a third to half of a punnet of blueberries (depending on the size). It's quite a messy recipe, but it's so much fun and is so yummy!


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