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Setting powders are one of those products that seem to be highly misunderstood or shied away from. For years my mum kept loose setting powders at arms-length despite me repeatedly suggesting that she should try and find one so her foundation would stay on all day. She thought it would make her skin look dry and cakey, and, truthfully, some powders can do that, especially if you’re using one that isn’t complimentary to your skin type, but that doesn’t have to be the case. However, as we all know, it can be difficult to find that perfect product the first time around and we don’t all have the time to research before we’re in desperate need of buying one, and so we end up with a product we don’t like nor use, alongside another dent in our bank account. 

I have combination skin – my cheeks are very dry, whereas my T-zone and forehead have a tendency to become oily throughout the day, but is still relatively on the dry side, and so for me, it’s important I use a setting powder which isn’t too dry otherwise it will exacerbate the tight and even itchy feeling which accompanies drier skin types. So, throughout my journey to find the best powder for me, I decided to initially try the three cult classics: Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder, the Too Faced Born This Way Loose Translucent Setting Powder and Hourglass’s Veil Translucent Powder. 

These three are either ones which are known to be “the best of the best” or have repeatedly been raved about and recommended, and I decided to break down each one to give you the necessary information you should know so you can choose the best one for you.  



Suitable for: combination to oily skin.

Not suitable for: dry skin.

Price: £32

Weight: 1oz / 29g


Out of the three, the Laura Mercier powder has to be the one I use the least. It’s not that I don’t like it - it just doesn’t suit my dry skin very well, but a little amount used throughout the T-zone with another everywhere else is brilliant in hot weather or when exercising so my makeup locks in place. The product is definitely better suited to oilier skin types, however, remember that a little goes a very long way, which is amazing considering the amount of product you get in the tub! The price seems high, but considering the cost-per-use, it’s a bargain. If you don’t want to commit to the full size to begin with, they have a travel size too which is cheaper. 




Suitable for: dry to combination skin, acne prone skin.

Not suitable for: very oily skin.

Price: £22

Weight: 0.56oz / 17g


The Too Faced Born This Way powder is definitely my go-to powder and one that I can consistently rely on to look good on any given day. What’s even better, it’s the cheapest of the three AND has a significant amount of product in the tub considering the price. Even though it isn’t the most finely milled powder that I’ve ever used, it is definitely on the fine side and doesn’t make me look cakey. It’s my powder of choice for a night out because it allows my skin to feel hydrated without my makeup easily slipping and sliding all over the place. If you have an oily T-zone like myself you will more than likely need to have a top up after a few hours or use some blotting paper or powder to remove the shine, but if you don’t touch your face during the day, your makeup should mainly stay intact.  




Suitable for: dry to slightly combination skin

Not suitable for: acne prone skin.

Price: £42

Weight: 0.36oz / 10.5g


The price of the Hourglass powder is eye watering, especially considering that it has nearly (or even less than) half of the product that the Too Faced and Laura Mercier one’s have on offer. For ages, those factors prevented me from purchasing it – a product that happened to be increasingly talked about by YouTubers and beauty bloggers as being a new ‘top shelf’ favourite. Coming up to Christmas, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, and, honestly, I’m so glad I did. This powder is absolutely incredible, particularly for dry skin as it is exceptionally finely milled and only a tiny amount is required to set your makeup in place. It gives my skin a glow as it has the smallest amount of shine to it (which is so beautiful on the skin) and it doesn’t crease excessively around my smile lines, which is a problem I tend to always have. What’s more, this powder has changed my mum’s perception of setting powder as it compliments a flawless finish to her foundation and stops it from transferring off her face without looking like excessive powder. In saying all that, I tend to avoid using this powder on spots as it has a tendency to accentuate peeling, and I will use the Too Faced one instead in this situation. 


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