- BEAUTY | JANUARY 26, 2020 -


I have a core and concise group of makeup brands that I love and get exceptionally excited about when a new product is being launched. For years I was envious at how easily Americans could get hold of Rihanna’s revolutionary brand, Fenty Beauty, but even when it got released in the UK in Boots and Harvey Nichols, I still never managed to get my hands on any of her products since they were only in select stores and I try not to buy too many products at once. However, about a month ago, I came across a Fenty Beauty counter for the first time, and I have to admit, the brand immediately joined my list of favourites. 


The timing of this discovery happened to coincide with the launch of eight 6-pan small eyeshadow palettes in a collection called Snap Shadows, and I was captivated by the colour stories, the variety of options and also how each palette could be used in such a versatile way. It’s a true mix-and-match dream. What was more I loved the idea that the concept behind the small compact palettes was that you could snap your two favourites together to create a back-to-back combination perfect for you. It’s really impressive how the design is so woven together to work in a multitude of ways. 

Despite my heart wanting to buy all eight palettes, I decided to be sensible and select my favourite four. One palette alone is £21 but if you buy two you pay £38 instead of £42, which I think is an amazing idea considering the design concept that customers could interchangeably snap the palettes together to create their desired combinations. I opted to purchase number 1 TRUE NEUTRALS, number 4 ROSE, number 5 PEACH and number 8 PASTEL FROST, because over the years I’ve learnt which tones I’m comfortable wearing and I believe are flattering on my complexion, so I knew I wouldn’t be wasting my money, but I also wanted to step outside my comfort zone and play around with some fun colours too.

On the whole, I’ve been really impressed with the shadows, and many of the formulas of the eyeshadows within them remind me of ones I love from Kylie Cosmetics. The matte shadows have a fine consistency which is exceptionally buildable to an intense pigment, yet they’re suitable for more subtle looks as well. The mattes almost blend themselves in a seamless manner and the range of colours from palette-to-palette are stunning and flatter one another. The metallic shadows also have a fine texture, meaning you can either have a light wash of colour or an intense hit. The versatility of the palettes is a standout feature of their design, and like I’ve already said, I’m immensely impressed with how interlinked the colour choices are, which leads to a vast array of combinations.





From palette-to-palette you start to notice some amazing differences with, obviously, colour, but more excitedly, formula. The number 4 ROSE palette has a beautiful pressed glitter called Diva Feva, but, on the flip side, the number 1 TRUE NEUTRALS palette displays a stunning creamy metallic formula which gives your eyes a lovely shine rather than a sparkle. The way these shadows lay upon each other gives the product a multi-layered ability to produce a variety of looks which can be transformed with the swish of another shade on top.



Purchasing the number 8 PASTEL FROST palette was my “risk” choice. It’s packed with bright metallic colours including green and two tones of blue, which aren’t colours I’m used to wearing and haven’t got anywhere else in my collection. The pink shade called Ice Cream Kisses compliments the 4 ROSE palette and can be used as a subtle-but-fun pop of colour in the inner corners paired with a more natural eyeshadow look rather than reaching for the standard neutral shade for a highlight – I use it all the time and the same technique applies for the yellow sunshine shade too. I was astounded at how much I liked how the turquoise shade called Durty Denim looked on me, considering I have blue eyes (my parents weren’t particularly keen but hey ho!). I’m yet to try the green shade but I know for certain that the purple shade will be used many times since it has a slightly warm undertone to it which makes it exceptionally flattering on all eye colours. I really like how the palette has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and play around with fun colours but still contain shades that I’m used to wearing, such as the pink and purple. One thing I did notice though was that the turquoise shade had a very fine formula and it felt like it took a long time to build up the opacity of the pigmentation. This may be because I was tentative, but regardless, it’s important when using a bright colour that you apply it with full intensity otherwise it will look washed out and, to say it bluntly, odd. So that’s just something to be mindful of, but, all in all, I’m really glad I bought this palette. 

The Snap Shadow range is one of my favourite recent makeup launches and hopefully I’ll be able to grab hold of the remaining four palettes at some point in the future. I’m particularly interested in trying the number 3 DEEP NEUTRALS palette, which contains some gorgeous shades that will compliment all the other palettes I already own since they consist of colours which have warm and cool elements to them. The Snap Shadows have got me feeling a lot more confident in experimenting with colours and has led me to find shades that I never knew I enjoyed wearing before. I really want Fenty Beauty to expand this collection, and with the launch of the Flypencils and the Full Frontal Mascara already been and gone after the Snap Shadows launch, I have a great feeling that more good things are to come very soon from Fenty Beauty. 


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