- FOOD  |  NOVEMBER 6, 2019 -

I am always on the hunt for new healthy recipes that I can dig into and this one was the first that I discovered when I started my healthy eating ways. This recipe is not vegan but it is fully gluten, dairy and nut free. The pancakes within themselves are free from soya, and if you do not want to have soya yoghurt, this recipe is perfect for you as well. These pancakes are so much fun to make on a morning off and will set you up for the day with lots of nutrients and energy. 


1 banana

1 egg


Non-dairy milk

Olive oil


Soya Yoghurt




Peel your banana and break it up into four pieces. In a bowl, microwave the banana for 30 seconds or so to soften it (this makes it easier to mash). 


Once softened enough, mash the banana with a fork until the banana is as smooth as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the lumps out. 


Next, crack the egg into the bowl and mix thoroughly with the mashed banana. This might look a bit weird but don’t worry it’ll be fine!


Grab a handful of oats and stir them into your banana/egg mixture. You can put in as many or as little as you like depending on how far you want to your mixture to go. I personally put in a lot of oats, which will make the mixture thicker and then loosen it with milk.


If you have opted for a thicker mixture with lots of oats, put in a splash of milk to make it more liquidy. You want to be careful with how much milk you put in so it doesn’t become too runny. 



Once you have your mixture at your desired consistency (I find the best consistency to be not too thick and not too runny - sounds so obvious ha!) turn on your frying pan to a MEDIUM heat (if too high your pancakes will burn) and wipe across a thin layer of olive oil with kitchen roll as you don’t need too much oil.


With a ladle, place the batter in roughly equally-sized pieces in the frying pan and let them cook. You want to leave them long enough to cook completely on the surface touching the pan so they don’t break when you flip them over. The perfect colour is golden brown. I find this takes around a minute or so, but be careful you don’t burn them as the time will depend on your frying pan and your appliance! Once flipped, the second side always takes less time to cook for some reason, so again, please check them to make sure they don’t burn.




Place them on a plate (I like to make a massive stack!) and put your on your topping of choice! I always have blueberries with mine as they’re full of antioxidants and have an immediate impact on your body. I try to have enough so I get the nutritional value but not too many that I consume too much sugar. I know it’s annoying when people constantly give out advice about sugar intake, or even food in general (I am definitely one of those people who find it annoying!) but at the end of the day, sugar is sugar, whether you get it from fruit or chocolate and your pancreas treats it the same way. A good amount of blueberries to have in one portion is half a punnet.


I hope you enjoy!


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