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I've always loved finding out what people's favourite makeup products are. It's so much fun trying out new products and exploring what are the holy grails of the makeup industry. A lot of my favourite products will be ones that you've probably heard being raved about time and time again, but I want to explain to you why I love them so much, and why I believe you'll love them too. My everyday makeup staples have continuously changed as new and improved products have been released and as I've tried out recommendations from my favourite YouTuber's (such as Gina Shkeda). Don't feel pressured or disheartened if you don't get the contents of your makeup bag perfect first time - no one does and trying out new products is part of the fun! You'll get there eventually. So, without any more rambling on, here are my favourite products which I currently can't live without. 


Armani LUMINOUS SILK foundation

This is a cult classic and is favoured by a lot of models and celebrities, including Kylie Jenner. Armani foundations have tended to be the most talked out foundations in the celebrity realm, but their beautiful Luminous Silk formula seems to be the clear favourite. I've used this foundation for years and seems to compliment my incredibly sensitive skin so I can wear it everyday without causing any irritation. 

 I have very unusual skin where it is bizarrely both exceptionally dry but also oily as well, depending on the time of day. I normally have to use a bit of extra powder around my T-Zone after a few hours, but nothing out of the ordinary. I use the shade 2 and I don't think I'll be changing my foundation of choice for a long time to come. The one downside is the price - it's board line insane, but it is worth the money and since my skin is so sensitive, I don't feel ready to try another product right now. 

Nars RADIANT CREAMY concealer

Again, another cult classic - this industry favourite has been adored for years and it's easy to see why. The formula gives your skin a soft focus glow that no other concealer I've tried has produced. It has a buildable coverage which never looks cake-y and works exceptionally well with the Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Honestly, Nars skin products have such an amazing reputation that you could buy any concealer or foundation from them and you'd have good results (obviously just chose the right products for your skin type!). This concealer is worth every penny and I can't believe it took me so long to try it. I used the shade Chantilly, which is the lightest colour and is a neutral in tone.

Too Faced BORN THIS WAY TRANSLUCENT loose setting powder

I was always wary of translucent powders. During my teen years I never understood why you would use a powder which has no pigment - more coverage is better, right? No, not always. When I was about 19 I stumbled across the chillest YouTuber out there, Russian-Canadian Gina Shkeda, who continuously banged on about how incredible the Too Faced Born This Way translucent loose setting powder was. Because of her exceptionally calm and laid back attitude, she has always come across (and is) incredibly honest (i.e. not saying she likes a product to become in-favour with, or be paid by, a brand), and so I tried it. I'm never going back - this powder is awesome. A lot of translucent powders remove pigment, but this one doesn't. It is extremely fine-milled and sets all the liquid products without looking like you've pilled the makeup on and becoming a powdery mess. If you haven't tried it, you should. 



Eyeshadow primers might seem like an extra and unnecessary step and expense in your everyday makeup routine, but trust me it isn't. I now never do my eyeshadow without it, even if I'm just putting a light dusting in my crease. There is no point bothering to do your eyeshadow if it is going to crease within the next two hours, and trust me, when eyeshadow creases, it can crease really badly. Also, you only need the smallest amount on each eye and so one tube of product can last months! My eyeshadow never creases now. 

Kylie Cosmetics PEACH EXTENDED & BRONZE EXTENDED eyeshadow palettes

Kylie Jenner is probably one of the most marmite people in the world. Either you love her, dislike her or don't know her, but honestly the hate and disrespect she gets it's completely uncalled for. Besides the fact she comes across as a lovely, kind and hard working girl, she creates some incredible products (which unfortunately, largely due to jealousy, regularly doesn't get portrayed by Beauty Guru's). I can take these two palettes anywhere and everywhere and be super comfortable knowing that I can create a variety of looks, from natural, to heavy and even to super colourful. Since I have blue-green eyes I tend to stick to warm browns, peaches, oranges and pinks, and these two palettes have become my babies ha! They're full of gorgeous basic and bright matte shades which are beautifully buildable and with metallics which have the most gorgeous shine and sparkle to them. A lot of Kylie's super metallic shades to have a bit of fall-out, but if you put the shades on with your finger in thin layers and build it up, then you'll be fine!

Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA brown mascara

I've tried so many different brands of mascara and I always find my way back to Lancome every time I deviate away from it "just in case" there is a better brand on the market - if there is, I haven't found it yet. Lancome have an amazing selection of mascaras to chose from depending on how you want your lashes to look. I tend to flick between 'Drama' and 'Doll Eyes' depending on my mood, but usually I go for Drama as I like my lashes to look super volumised and long, however Doll Eyes is great for a more natural look. I've always stuck to brown mascara whenever I can since it looks softer, warmer and prettier rather than black in my opinion. 



You wouldn't believe how many lip liners I've tried in order to find the perfect "your lips but better"colour. Of course, this shade will be different for everybody, but the level of excitement I had when I found this shade was almost embarrassing ha! Any makeup lover will know what I mean! This shade is incredible on days where I want to fill in any missing gaps of pigment in my lips or just want to make them look a bit more plump and full, but without anyone being able to detect the added product! It's amazing and it will forever be my go-to nude lip liner. 

Charlotte Tilbury PENELOPE PINK lipstick

We all have our favourite nude lipstick, but then, miraculously, us makeup lovers manage to find one which is even better! Since my skin is so fair and my lips can naturally be very pigmented/rosy, I prefer my nude lipsticks to be quite light in colour so I can achieve that nude look without it looking too dark for my skin tone. Also, I tend to lean towards cream formulas more often than matte, and Charlotte's K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula is beautifully light-weight and silky, and pairs brilliantly with MAC's subculture lip liner. 


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