- BEAUTY | NOVEMBER 16, 2019 -


I don’t think I’ve ever left the house in the red lipstick before, but that has to change! You only live once, so why not have fun? I think I’ve always felt a bit self-conscious about wearing red lipstick – it’s almost like having a massive sign in bold capital letters shouting, “look at me!”, but I need to get over that shyness! However, finding the perfect red lipstick is just as difficult as finding the perfect nude one – it all depends on your skin tone and your preference, and with so many options out there, it can be really overwhelming to pick, especially if you’re on a budget! So, I feel that the best place to start for everybody is to get as neutral of a red lipstick as you can possibly find. ‘Neutral’ probably is a strange way of describing such a vibrant colour, but finding a red lipstick with the perfect balance of not being too orange, too pink or too purple, i.e. a blue red (the blue undertone creates what we all recognise as red in its truest form), will be the option for a first-time red lipstick buyer! 


With Christmas around the corner, I felt that it was time to whack out my red lipstick and give it a go, and I know for certain I will be wearing this shade on my next night out as the holiday approaches. With all the doom and gloom with engulfs our everyday lives, it’s important to have fun with the little things in life which can lift our moods, even if it’s just slightly! I decided to create a look which is super simple, easy to achieve, can be worn comfortably during the day and through to night, and that doesn’t make me look as if I am caked in heavy makeup, which is the key to successfully pulling off such a bright colour. 




Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA eyeshadow palette



Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful – if not just a tad fragile (take extra care!). These shadows provide so much pigmentation, and this palette is exceptionally easy to use – the mattes are incredibly blendable and the shimmers are creamy with the most stunning shine! However, it is essential to use a light hand! 


Firstly, I took the shade ‘Incense’, a matte dusty terracotta, on a fluffy blending brush, and washed the colour all over my lid, and then buffed it up into my crease. After that, I took the same shade and swept it under my bottom lash line, connecting the shadow on the outer corner of my eye together from the top to the bottom. A good technique when putting eyeshadow under your bottom lash line, is to look upwards as much as you can as this will help to prevent the eyeshadow from being placed too low down.


When blending matte eyeshadows, it’s important to remember to use a light hand – the brush is designed to blend the eyeshadow and so it’s unnecessary, and even counterproductive, to press too hard. The ideal motion to move your brush while blending matte eyeshadows is in a back and forth motion and small circular motions at the same time – it sounds confusing, but just practice! It’s important not to get too stressed about makeup, or strive for it to be perfect – it’s about having fun and having a bit of down time, so let’s not put the pressure on and make it stressful!

Secondly, I took the shade ‘Summer’, a foiled golden topaz, on my finger, and, in thin layers, built up the colour over my lid, but excluded the outer third of my lid. Foiled shadows are extremely pigmented and a little goes a very long way, and so if you are new to the foiled formula, I would advise putting on the tiniest bit at a time and built it up slowly. After you have achieved full pigmentation of ‘Summer’, I took the original fluffy blending brush which I used to apply ‘Incense’ and gently diffused the edges of ‘Summer’ so look looked seamless and not just haphazardly placed on my eyelid. 

Lancôme HYNÔSE DRAMA mascara ('excessive brown')



My favourite mascara in the world – I applied it just on my top lashes, as this helps to keep to a relaxed, effortless vibe which is also very clean and bright looking. Sometimes I find that mascara on the bottom lashes can make a look appear more dramatic, grungy and brings more attention to the eyes – which is perfect for some looks, but for this one, I think the main focus has to be on the lips. It’s funny how such a small detail can alter whether or not a look appears to be overdone or just right. 





Charlotte Tilbury WALK OF SHAME lip cheat



Lip liners are one of those products where I think either people don’t think that they’re necessary or that they really don’t know where to start since there are so many options. I cannot fault the formula of Charlotte Tilbury’s lip liners – I have never come across another brand of lip liner’s where the product stays so locked in place. Also, with some lipstick colours, it is essential you apply a lip liner beforehand otherwise it could get extremely messy! Since I wanted this look to be suitable to daytime, I opted for Walk of Shame, a dark rose pink, which acts as a more muted red shade, so it was softer and compliments the ‘effortless’ vibe we’re going for. 


MAC SHOCKING REVELATION powder kiss lipstick



A clean blue red, MAC’s Shocking Revelation is one of the most beautiful red lipsticks I’ve come across. The Powder Kiss formula is a stunning and comfortable matte formula which stays far away from the paste-like and exceptionally dry consistency of many matte lipsticks on the market which enhance every dry patch, every flake, every crack and every line – pretty much, every element of our lips that we do not want on show and that we try and battle every day with balms, scrubs and treatments galore. The Powder Kiss formula is probably the most pigmented traditional-bullet-style lipstick that I’ve ever used, and only requires a few taps to cover your lips with full colour.


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