- BEAUTY | JANUARY 13, 2020 -


From the moment my eyes locked on the pink-nude kabuki brush in one of Gina Shkeda's makeup tutorials, I was on a hunt to find where it came from! Unsurprisingly, it was by Fenty Beauty, the revolutionary and game-changing makeup brand created by the one-and-only Rihanna (who's surname is Fenty). As I was revelling in my delight to find these brushes, I wasn't shocked that Rihanna was the one to come up with such a unique design - she had, again, created a standout product that every makeup lover longed to add to their collection. However, even though these were the most hyped-up brushes of 2019, I was curious to find out whether or not they were any good. I knew that they more-than-likely would be because they're by Fenty and I hadn't heard anything bad said about them, but equally, I hadn't actually heard anyone say anything about how they perform at all. 

So I decided to buy 5 for myself for Christmas - I was sent a wrong brush by accident, so I ended up with 6 instead, including (left to right in the picture) the 195 Sculpting Bronzing Brush, the 115 Kabuki-Buff Foundation Brush, the 210 Tapered Blending Brush, the 200 All-Over Eyeshadow Brush, the 180 Precision Concealer Brush and the 170 Powder Puff Setting Brush, and put them to the test. 



I have to hold my hands up and say that I actually never wear bronzer (well, maybe 10 times a year if that) and so I had this brush in mind as one to blend out my liquid highlighters. To pull off a liquid highlighter and make your skin look as it if it has that "lit from within" glow, it has to be blended to perfection and usually over a larger area rather than in a compacted intense line just on the top of your cheekbones. I use this brush to blend in my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector on top of my foundation on the top of my cheekbones, each side of my forehead, a little down the bridge of my nose, and the tiniest bits on my cupids bow and chin. What was vital for me was that this brush didn't disturb the liquid and unpowdered foundation underneath the highlighter, and amazingly it didn't. Of course, the brush is going to get a little bit of the foundation onto it, but nothing which messes up the base you've created. I'm really pleased with how this brush performs, and it's definitely one of my favourites. 



Since I have pinkness and unevenness in my skin, the functionality of my foundation brushes are a crucial part of my makeup routine. I like a full coverage base, but it's vital that I don't look like I've caked my makeup on, which means my brushes have to be able to smoothly pack on the foundation and concealer in fine layers without disturbing the coverage. The two foundation brushes I've used and loved prior to the Fenty Kabuki is the Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush and the Real Techniques 200 Expert Face Brush, which are both particularly dense and firm. The Fenty 115 Kabuki-Buff is brilliant, but I wasn't expecting it to feel so flexible and bouncy on the skin, but it works! What's more, it's the softest brush I've ever used so it feels really nice on the skin.



Eyeshadow brushes in general are possibly the most frustrating out of the lot. You'd think any one would do the job well, but believe me that's not the case. I've found that an eyeshadow brush has to have a good amount of weight to it for it to be any good, as it allows you to have maximum control over the brush. Your eye area is very small, and so tiny movements are required to blend your shadows evenly, and if your brush is difficult to control you're going to find it really difficult to do your eyeshadow well, especially if you're a beginner. I was astonished at how well this brush blends my eyeshadows, and it has immediately become my to-go brush.



The All-Over Eyeshadow brush is a classic flat shader brush which is designed to intensely pack a shadow all over your lid, may that be a matte or metallic. This Fenty one is slimmer than the MAC equivalent, which I thought might make it bendy, but it isn't, which is great as allows me to carefully and precisely place my eyeshadows of choice on my lid without getting it too far up into the crease area. All in all, you could probably use any other flat shader brush, but this one works really well and is very high quality!



The 180 Precision Concealer brush was the one which I was sent accidentally, and truthfully the only reason why I didn't order it for myself was that I hardly ever wear concealer under my eyes and I tend to use my foundation brush to blend my concealer in on my face. However, with that being said, this brush works really well. The over riding thought I've had with all of these brushes is that they hardly soak up the product into the brush, meaning you have maximum pay off from your products, which is amazing, especially when it comes to concealing redness, scars or spots. Even thought it was an accident, I'm really glad I was sent this!



Powder setting brushes are possibly the most irritating brush ever, as they have a tendency to disturb the coverage you've carefully created with your foundation and concealer. Specific setting powders themselves can do this too, but I tend to find it's more to do with the brush and the way you use the brush more than the setting powder. For me, the Fenty 170 Powder Puff Setting Brush is amazing and doesn't mess up my liquid base at all. In my opinion, the best way to apply setting powder to reduce disturbing the coverage is to lightly tap the product onto the face rather than using a swiping motion.

Quite typically, with the makeup community constantly on the go, Fenty released three new eyeshadow brushes on the 26th of December, so hopefully I'll manage to pick them up in the upcoming weeks and see what they're like! If they're anything like the one's I've tried so far, I'm certain they'll be amazing! All in all, if you haven't tried one of the Fenty brushes yet, I'd say you definitely should if you can. I'd suggest that the best brush to start off with is the Kabuki foundation brush because it's such a standout and the size of it is really impressive, but of course go for the brush you think you'll get the most amount of use from!


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