about me

I've always loved the idea of blogging, but throughout my teen years, I had no idea what direction I would've liked to have taken it in. Even though I have a passion for multiple and distinctive creative and academic areas, I felt pressured to focus on one alone, so I "wouldn't spread myself too thin" - an idea I'm now completely deviating away from. In 2017, I became ill for two years, and the debilitating nature of my long-term condition taught me, now that I'm better, that I should never push any of my hobbies to the wayside, as even though it's important to choose a career path, your enjoyment should never be anything less than a priority. 

However, that's not where torivale.com started. Throughout my health battle I taught myself multiple skills, including film editing, website building, videography and photography, as well as improving my cooking skills and learning new makeup techniques through YouTube,  and multiple life lessons, which have altered my attitude and understanding of life at an incredibly young age. At 21, after getting A*A*A* in Geography, Psychology and Business Studies in my A-Levels, I had a place at a Russell Group university, deferred and waiting for me, which at the start of September 2019 I decided to take up. However, after realising that the course was no longer the right fit, I decided to leave and dive back into the working world, and this is when I started to create torivale.com. 

From delicious recipes to interior design inspiration, I wanted to build a blog that everybody can enjoy, and where I can have an outlet for my creative side. I will be posting makeup tutorials, as well as beauty tips and product recommendations, alongside a "learning together" category, where I will be writing posts based on my experiences, books I've read and lessons I've learnt, while also delving into a variety of world issues, including climate change, plastic pollution, human rights, geopolitics and international relations, as some examples. This has allowed me to keep my academic flare alive while, I hope, educating and inspiring others to help improve the world, find comfort in shared experiences or learn about a topic they enjoy or didn't know much about before.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew I needed to stay productive right from the get-go of lockdown. While I've been baking, improving my photography and delving into a bit of Spanish, this time has given me a chance to read, and I'm glad that I've cemented an old hobby back into my day-to-day life, and with books ranging from Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race to Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags, I'm assured I will be able to add more content to the blog, enriching your experience. I've started dabbling with the idea of going back to university, and I'm excited to see what the future holds despite these uncertain times.

Building torivale.com and creating the content has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting time, and if anybody has any ideas on what they would like me to talk about or would like to speak to me about general enquiries, I would be delighted if you would contact me at torzvale@gmail.com.




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